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So what sets us apart?

Sandy Puc’ is an international speaker, published author, philanthropist, and she carries the prestigious title of Canon Explorer of Light. To be honest, she also recognizes that means nothing to a high school student. She knows that her team is only as good as their next image. Sandy’s goal is for her team to produce the most fascinating images they can and let the work speak for itself.

Nikolai Puc’ first picked up the camera at eleven years old and he never looked back. With 4 continents, 30 countries, and 46 US States under his belt, travel is his passion. He likes to bring an interesting world view to his portraits. Nikolai’s goal is to create beautiful works of art through his unique perspective.

Jordyn Koroneos started with a passion for photography and a can-do attitude. She brings a fresh energy to the team and loves to find ways to use her talents to help our senior clients shine. You will love her bubbly, energetic personality and her creative style.

If you are ready to capture your senior experience and want to have something
that NO ONE else does… join us and BE exceptional!